FAQs: Common Questions About Venue Finding, Answered

06 Jun

FAQs: Common Questions About Venue Finding, Answered

Q: Why would I use an agency when my PA does all that for me?


A: Because we have years and years of experience in venue finding and we won’t charge you for our time. So it’s more cost effective to use our service than a paid member of staff.  This can free up valuable hours for your PA, allowing him/her to focus on other important tasks.


Q: What benefits can you offer over doing it myself?

A: In addition to our service being more cost effective than deploying in-house resource, we can also offer our expertise and useful industry connections. We’ve built relationships with venues over the years, meaning we can get you the best possible price, and in some cases, discounts. And because we’re experienced venue finders, we can often seek out venues that are not being advertised or venues that are new and unheard of.


Q: What if my event is too small?

A: There is no event too big or small for Perfectly Apt. From exhibitions for thousands of guests to a small meeting room for 2 people, we can help you source the ideal space for your next event. We often book entire venues or large functions rooms, but we also know plenty of places with meeting rooms available too.


Q: Do you just search in the UK?

A: We work internationally as well as in the UK. So if you are planning an event abroad, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.


Q: What does your service include?

A: The Perfectly Apt venue finding service covers everything from start to finish. Our job isn’t done until your event is over, and we’ll be here to advise and guide you every step of the way. After initial briefing, we will conduct the search based on your requirements, negotiate prices on your behalf, and arrange site visits to ensure everything is up to scratch.


Q: Why is your service free? Is there a catch?

There is no catch with our venue finding service. Seems impossible that we’d put in all the hard work for you without charging you a penny, right? Our venue finding service is free of charge to you because we earn commission from the venues we work with. So the only bill you will receive will be from the venue itself. Not only does this setup ensure the best prices for you, but it helps our venues gain exposure – a win win situation for all.